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    I've known Rohan at Phat Dog Visuals since he was a wee little photog. I originally hired him for my engagement shoot and wedding almost twenty years ago. I thought he was avant grade and artistic then, but now? Well, not only wine gets better with age! Rohan Laylor is a true visionary. He sees the light, the angle, the shadow, and the beauty in every form, and he captures and enraptures each. Personally, I'm extremely camera shy, to the point of making it my goal to never be photographed. So I was dreading having to do my initial engagement shoot. But truly, I've never felt more like a super model than I did with Rohan directing me. He made me feel so relaxed and comfortable, and he captured on film something I've never seen in myself before: beauty. Twenty years on, I can say I haven't aged well, but lord, looking at those pictures... Sometimes I still think, maybe, maybe.... Rohan's work is pure art. As I said, he's a true visionary, seeing the world and people in a light that no one else can. He's funny, he's engaging, comforting, and an absolute professional. His finished product is absolutely incredible. Of course, for my wedding, he did the traditional family poses at one point, the ones my mom wanted , but the rest of the day was mine. We had a blast! We went to an historic village in Unionville, took some awesome and truly unexpected photos there (at one point, some guy rode by on a penny farthing! Seriously! Who even does that? And Rohan boldly asked him if he would mind letting us pose with the bike. And at another point, a group of greying, wrinkly, old Harley riders rumbled by. Again, completely seriously! And once again, 'Step Up Rohan' is right there, getting those bikes -and the colourful, old dudes, to pose!). But the candid photos he did, the behind the scenes ones, those were truly incredible. Honestly, except for the time when we were killing ourselves laughing together, I don't think I even noticed him doing his thing. He was so unobtrusive, just 'one of the gang'. The next year, my sister hired him for her wedding. Even at the same house and the same synagogue, the pictures were all completely unique. Almost two decades on, I'm still friends with Rohan. Seriously. He was 'just' my wedding photographer. But he always stayed in touch (and this was well before the days of Facebook, so not an easy task!) and now, I follow his work constantly. In fact, soon he will be doing more photo series for us, taking pictures of my kids, my sister's kids... And my writing partner and I are working with Rohan to plan a creative shoot for our first novel. I can honestly say I wouldn't even need to shop around. Rohan and Phat Dog Visuals is the real deal, peeps. His product is outstanding, and so is he.

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    Had some gorgeous, creative work done by Rohan at Phat Dog. He is very talented at working with people and his surrounding to create unique visuals. A pleasure to work with!

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    I met Rohan, back when he did my wedding in 2003! He has since become our family photographer. His images are always interesting and not your standard shots. His creativity is inspiring and he's also a super awesome human being, that I just love hanging out with during our family sessions!

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